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Man hunt For Mahamadou Kamara

It is now apparent that Mahamadou Kamara is living in constant fear since he was declared wanted by ‘Poro’ secret society members in 2001 for his refusal to be conscripted into their ranks by all means possible.

Mahamadou’s troubles began during the country’s armed conflict when the marauding rebels for the fourth time attacked Koidu town, Kono district where he was then residing together with one of his best friend’s brother’s by the name of Alusine Kamara who is currently residing at Mammy Yoko Street in Freetown.

During that attack, according to reliable information, Mahamadou Kamara painfully lost his father and younger sister who were brutally killed by the merciless rebels.
However, Mahamadou miraculously escaped from the rebels to the Waterloo displaced camp at the outskirt of the capital, Freetown where he spent over a year and few months.

Mahamadou’s excruciating ordeals continued when one day members of the powerful male’s ‘Poro’ secret society stormed the camp and captured all male youth to be forcefully initiated into their secret society and during the process many of them lost their lives.
But as the Lord may have it, Mahamadou again miraculously escaped from his captors from the society bush where they had been taken for the forceful initiation.

According to reliable information, the hunt for Mahamadou became intensified simply because according to the poro society norms, no one will go into the poro bush and leave without being initiated or face the consequences.
It’s reported that few years later, the same ‘Poro’ members went to Koidu town again in search of Mahamdou with fresh allegations that he had committed an abomination by simply refusing to be initiated. Because they could not find him, his pursuers did not only declare him wanted but vowed to kill and sacrifice him anytime they find him.



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