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Samuel Alpha Conteh and Family on the Run

Samuel Alpha Conteh, an enterprising young man and resident of the capital, Freetown, has reportedly fled his home after being severely beaten by members of his community numbering between ten and twenty including his own uncle John Conteh following his insistent refusal to join or be initiated into the male secret cult (poro secret society).

Samuel’s persistent opposition to the secret cult as a fervent Christian is said to have angered the community people who viewed his action as a blatant disregard to one of the country’s oldest traditions they so much cherished.

In Sierra Sierra Leone anyone who opposes their secret societies especially the male poro society will obviously face the wrath of its members.

On November 30th 2015 at about 4:30-5:00 PM at Spur Road, West of Freetown; Alpha was seriously beaten by his perpetrators using all sort of weapons including electric cables, sticks and any other weapon they could lay hands on, according to report.

He was left with bruises all over his body and few broken teeth. He was left lying on the ground outside his compound helpless and even threatened to kill him next time he opposes their cult or refused to join them.

According to information, the young man was saved by a man of God (Pastor) who coincidently lives in the neighborhood that saw him lying in a hapless state and took him to a hospital where he spent three weeks for treatment.

Seeking to have justice after his ordeal and recovering from the hospital, Samuel decided to report the matter to the police on December 21st 2015, but unfortunately he was let down when the police told him, “Go home we’ll see you later”.

Report further intimated this medium that Samuel was attacked again for the second time in February, 2016, but no action was taken by the Police when he reported the matter in order to apprehend the perpetrators.

 Since that time police never obtained statement from him or gave him police medical form to take to the hospital for his injuries. “I was left devastated,” Samuel is quoted to have said in tears.

With the mounting pressure, Samuel Conteh didn’t give up, he continued his opposition to the cult, insisting that he believes in his faith, Christian religion that God is the creator and his only protector.

According to report, fearless Samuel once openly told his uncle John Conteh and his community members that he will never allow he and his wife Mary Conteh to join their evil cults for any reason following demands that his wife should also join the female secret society (Bondo), noting that it is against their faith as Christians.

But even after Samuel’s escape, the situation never changed at all as his family continued to harass his wife for the same reason as her perpetrators also threatened to kill her and two children Samuel Joe Conteh and Blessing Ruth Conteh.

This situation forced Samuel to flee with his wife and two children to an unknown location.

Considering the persistent persecution of those opposed to secret societies in this country, has forced many people out of the country and Samuel’s case is just one among the series.

Reports gathered by this medium have revealed that secret society members have been assigned to trace Samuel Alpha Conteh’s location and family wherever they may be hiding as they have vowed to eliminate them all anytime.



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