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SLPP PRO Wanted For Murder

The Public Relations Officer of Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) at Constituency 102 Alpha B.K. Bangura has been declared wanted for murder charges.

Mr. Bangura stands accused as the master minder for the death of two people in Kambia district, which incident occurred on July 10,2016 in the northern axis of Sierra Leone during a political gathering that ended into fatal tussle between the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party and members of the SLPP of which Mr. Bangura was the team leader.

According to information gathered by this medium Alpha B.K. Bangura has been very vocal in exposing the bad governance of the ruling APC party. He was a strong advocate against the singing of an agreement between the APC led-government and Africa Minerals Limited for ninety nine years. He was opposed to this agreement due to the fact that it created little employment for youths and accommodates only members of APC party.

He has been speaking against bad governance, poor standard of living, low quality education, high rate of youth unemployment, poor medical facilities and the muzzling of free speech etc. which he accused the ruling APC government of trampling on peoples’ freedom of speech and association as well as abusive human rights records and rampant killings.

At Constituency 102 in the East end of Freetown, Kissy where there is a popular APC strongman called Mohamed Kamara aka MedKay there have always been a bitter confrontation between supporters of APC loyal to Medkay and Alpha B.K. Bangura which resulted to many incidents of stabbing and deaths.

Due to Mr. Bangura’s active and vocal role to propagate the agenda of his SLPP party his life was severely threatened with stern warning that he must desist from vilifying APC otherwise he will face fatal consequences. Mr. Bangura this medium gathered was very recalcitrant.

Confirmed reports stated that opposition SLPP organized a meeting in Kambia district to sensitize its membership about the short-comings of the ruling APC due to their misrule and mismanagement of public resources that culminated into acute poverty and untold suffering on the people of Sierra Leone so as to vote them out in the next general elections in 2018.

At the SLPP organized meeting in Kambia at a venue close to the market in Kambia Town; spies of APC rudely interrupted the meeting as Mr. Bangura and co. were sensitizing the people.

The APC claimed that the meeting must stop as Kambia been their stronghold such meeting must not be held especially so that they were churning negative messages against APC.

The APC members who did not take kindly to the message of SLPP team led by Mr. Bangura started pelting stones at them. Mr. Bangura and co reacted robustly in order to protect their members it was this fracas that led to the death of two people.

Following the death of these people, the victims’ relatives took the matter to court and alleged that Mr. Bangura was the main culprit for the death of these two people as a matter of fact he must face the consequences of his action.

Whilst the matter was in court, there were several death threats rained on Mr. Bangura as he was threatened with black magic or ‘juju’ that despite the court matter that was ongoing they will ensure that he died a mysterious death.

The penalty for murder charge is long term life imprisonment or death by hanging if you are found wanting. Mr. Bangura this medium discovered couldn’t withstand immense pressure placed on his life. However, the whereabouts of Mr. Bangura is unknown as we went to press.



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