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Poro Members Declare War on Poor Hassan

Poro members that are residing in the western area of Freetown have declared war on poor Hassan Kamara for defying and challenging a member of the Poro Society.In an exclusive interview with one Mohamed Sankoh, a friend of Hassan Kamara said that the issue that spark up the confrontation between Hassan Kamara and members of the Poro Society has to do with land.

The fearless Mohamed disclosed that after the death of Pa Kamara, Hassan put a strong resistant to save the properties of his late father from being seize by his uncle Foday Kamara who is a devoted member of the Poro Society in the western area of Freetown. Mohamed added that his friend Hassan Kamara, who is currently on the run told him that he cannot afford to lose his father’s properties in the hands of a wicked uncle who has no intention to develop members of their family, adding that after few days Hassan told him of further harassment that he has received from his uncle that is desperate to deprive them of their father’s properties including the parcel of land left by their late father. Mohamed continued by stating that he admonished Hassan to report the matter to police, adding that both of them went to the Eastern Police Station and reported the matter.

Mohamed further told this press that after few days members of the Poro Society went and violently attacked Hassan at his residence. He said that Hassan sustains serious injuries from the vicious attacked by Poro members. He disclosed that he took Hassan to the Police station and medical request form was issued to Hassan for examination and treatment at the Cottage Rainbow Center. He said that after the endorsement of the said medical form Hassan made statement to police. He makes it clear that after since police took statement from his friend members of the police are yet to arrest the Poro members that unlawfully beat an innocent young man.

He added that after the report at the police station, members of the Poro Society openly declared war on Hassan because they considered the actions of Hassan as very confrontational. He said that one of his friends who is a Poro Member that is not in support of the decision of the entire Poro members secretly told Hassan to run for his life and that they have resolved to kill him the following morning. He said that after this startling disclosure, he admonished Hassan to escape from the country. He said that since that day he didn’t set his eyes on Hassan nor does he knows where he is currently staying.When Foday Kamara was contacted by this press he said that since he is the younger brother of the late Pa Kamara he has the right to inherit his entire properties withy sharing it with anyone. He added that currently the matter is above him and that members of the Poro Society have resolved to avenge the embarrassment he has suffered in the hands of Hassan by reporting the matter to police. He insisted that the matter is beyond the police and that they will do all within their powers to save the reputation of the society. At this stage he refused to comment further stating that they are guided by rules and regulations.

The Crime Officer in charge of the Eastern Police Inspector Kelly Dumbuya said that the issue is beyond their mandate, adding that though they received complaint from Hassan but they have no mandate to investigate complaint against members of the Poro Society.” We too are not safe,” he said, adding that they are also afraid of their safety and that of members of their family.



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