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As ‘Poro’ Members Became Furious… Abdulahi Maka Bah In Hot Waters

Usually reliable sources has intimated this medium that one Abdulahi Maka Bah Alhaji’s life is in hot waters with stakeholders of ‘Poro’ secret society members in Tessor town, Kenema district Eastern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone following Abdulahi’s miraculous escape at the hands of Poro men who planned to initiate him against his will.

According to investigation conducted by this medium, Abdulahi we are told could not afford to continue his education after the death of his parents and had to resort in fetching woods in the forest with his friends in order to pay his fees and eke out his livelihood.

One day based on our findings Abdulahi’s friends resolved that they moved to fetch woods to another forest unaware to him that this place in question was a secret ‘Poro’ bush and had no idea whatsoever about their hidden intention.

Abdulahi we are told was a devoted Muslim and never nurtured the idea of joining any secret cult which according to information he maintained will bring curse upon him and family.

Sources further stated that two among Abdulahi’s friends were members of the ‘Poro’ society and they were the ones who actually orchestrated sinister plans for Abdulahi to be conscripted and initiated on September 5, 2016 into the ‘Poro’ society without his expressed approval.

It was also discovered that after Abdulahi and others were captured by ‘Poro’ men, he was blindfolded, two of his teeth removed and was severely tortured with machete tied up whilst three others were also subjected to similar inhuman treatment.

Abdulahi and co were detained in the ‘Poro’ bush for few days under difficult inhuman circumstances. It was during this period that stakeholders alleged he might have discovered inner secrets of the ‘Poro’ society when they realized that he had escaped.

Three of his colleagues that were apprehended died in cold blood due to horrible treatments meted out on them; fortunately for Abdulahi, he was able to escape four days later after his refusal to undergo the rigors of the secret ‘Poro’ society in a miraculous fashion through the aid of an unknown person.

Stakeholders became furious following his escape as they expressed fear he might leak out exclusive secrets to the public and such act is considered as an abomination and anyone found wanting of such crime can be killed as it is against the secret code of the ‘Poro’ society to expose their secret activities.

It was based on this obvious reason that warranted ‘Poro’ members to go on a searching spree for Abdulahi whom they declare wanted and promised to eliminate whenever they set eyes on him.

In Sierra Leone government does not meddle into secret affairs of the ‘Poro’ society and any other society and they have absolute control over their own affairs and any decision arrived at is final.



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