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As He Goes Through Severe Castigations… Alie Narrowly Escapes Death

By Father Aliko

According to reliable sources, this newspaper was intimated that Alie Kamara, commonly known as Bolima, a resident of 10 Wallah Street Makeni, a former petty trader who struggled his way out of Sierra Leone to an undisclosed location on the 21stMarch 2018, as a result of irresistible torture suffered in the hands of the “Poro” guys for resisting to be initiated into that secret society. Though he relocated to Wallah in Makeni at an infant age. 

This Reporter’s findings revealed that it all started sometime in January 2017 when Bolima lost his Dad, late Mohamed Disco Kamara who was the Chief or Leader of the Poro society in the township of Wallah Makeni- north of Sierra Leone.

Bolima was last seen in the village in March 2017 after having survived a psychological ordeal of torture from the hands of the Poro Society men. The Poro men claimed that Bolima was defiant to an order to be initiated to their society of which he tried to evade capture multiple times.

As per investigation conducted by this Reporter, it was revealed that the incident started in January 2017 when Bolima lost his father late Mohamed Disco Kamara, a Tribal Chief of the Poro Society in the township of Wallah, Makeni, in northern Sierra Leone. It was Bolima who was chosen as a successor by the spirit and elders, he being the eldest son in his family to ascend the throne after the death of his father. As the Poro is a society that is sacred, it has strict cultural values and beliefs.

For the Poro society, refusal to follow orders is deemed as a taboo which would attract severe punishment. Therefore, the refusal of Bolima to follow the footsteps of his father is regarded as an open challenge which cannot be left unattended.

In an exclusive interview with his wife, Ramatulie, she disclosed that her husband was invited to several meetings organized by elders of the Poro society. However, Bolima repeatedly refused to adhere to their demands, on the grounds of being a strict adherence to the Christian Faith.

Ms. Ramatulie further informed this Reporter that a special meeting was held by Bolima’s family members in a bid of final attempt to persuade him to concede to their demand but was unsuccessful. In all instances, Bolima maintained his position that he is not interested in whatever shape or form.

In light of his constant refusal, members of his extended family left him in the wilderness as they were in full support of the Poro Society. Bolima’s situation became worse on the night of March 2017 when he returned home from that closed door meeting. As narrated, members of the Poro Society evaded his house and threatened him. He was strongly warned to accept their proposal which he has been refusing to adhere to.

It was revealed that it was in the course of the interrogation by members of the Poro Society that Bolima managed to escape to a nearby forest through the window. This Reporter was informed that he gave them an excuse so he could free himself from them.

In an exclusive telephone interview with Bolima, whilst on the run, he emotionally told this newspaper that – what made his situation unbearable was the fact that “I had relocated to Freetown in an undisclosed location with my immediate family doing some petty trading”. Bolima continued that he was chased and mercilessly beaten by those members of the Poro Society and later demanded that he must return to Makeni for the initiation or else he will hate their reaction.

In a rather devastating tone, Bolima stated that he was left with no option rather than to travel out of Sierra Leone. He said that he took such venture to protect his life and that of his family. Amidst several reports they say Bolima had made to the Sierra Leone Police, regarding the psychological torture and assaults he had suffered in the hands of members of the Poro Society. The authorities became hesitant to pursue the matter knowing well what Poro members are capable of doing.

Moreover, Mohamed, a close friend to Bolima lately updated that during the thick and thin of his friend’s horrible moment, he played great role in ensuring that Bolima gets out of this country to an undisclosed location. Ramatulie Kamara, the wife of Alie Bolima Kamara, updated this newspaper with deep tears running her eyes and being pregnant that her husband was manhandled by members of the Poro Society. That he managed to escape, however she reiterated that their lives are equally not safe.

Conclusively, Ramatulie added that members of the Poro Society are desperately searching for Bolima with the intention to kill him if found. She said all these were happening as a result of Bolima’s refusal to ascend the throne and succumb to the initiation.



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