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Youths of Nyandehun koya chiefdom kenema district and Traditional leaders of the poro society have on 4th October 2019, declared Abraham Kai Samba and his brother Gabriel Kai Samba wanted for undermining the laws of the secret Poro society in their community. Abraham Kai Samba, who is a son of the soil of Nyadehun koya Chiefdom, is nowhere to be seen after his life came under threat by his own society members. Sources ranging from the leaders stated that on the 3rd October 2019, Abraham went to the Poro society bush without the knowledge of his colleague members; and what makes the matter worse is that he decided to run away with his brother knowing the severe punishment that involves in the initiation process.

This act done by Abraham is in complete contravention and a breach of the rules of the society. Unfortunately, their father who holds a key position in the society had just died few days before the said incident which prompted the authorities to declare Abraham wanted in the village occurred. Being part of the secret society, Abraham would have inherited his father’s position if only he would have handed his brother to his society members for initiation. The Poro members accused Abraham of exposing the cultural ideals of the secret society to a non-member. It is believe that such a sacred bush is only free to be entered by members who are part and parcel of the society. Thus, the act done by Abraham and his brother is being considered a sacrilege.

On the arrival of our medium at the residence of the Chief, there were hundreds of society members who were chanting songs that showed Abraham and his brother had committed a serious offence and that he should be dealt with according to their traditional laws. The elders claimed that Abraham has no right to escape with his brother from them after being in the secret bush. In an interview with Chief Johnny Koroma, who is the traditional leader and chief adviser of all secret societies in the district, he said that he has ordered all the Poro society members in the District to go in search of Abraham and his brother and bring them death or alive for violating the traditional rites and culture of their society.

Pa Momoh Ngogou one of the senior members of the ‘Poro’ secret society disclosed to this medium that if Abraham and his brother are not seen after 48 hours for the traditional rituals, there would be no option but to declare there souls wanted as tradition demands; and as at press time, the whereabouts of Abraham and his brother Gabriel still remain unknown.



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