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Mother and Sons on the Run

Investigation conducted by this medium has revealed that the mother of Lansana Marrah, Madam Kadiatu Fofanah and her young twin sons Alhassan and Aluisne Marrah left the shores of Sierra Leone to an undisclosed location in 2016 three years following the disappearance of Lansana for his refusal to replace his deceased father as head of the ‘Poro’ society in 2012 at Tombodu Chiefdom, Kono district.
The disappearance is connected to allegations levied at Madam Kadiatu Fofanah by ‘Poro’ society members that she facilitated Lansana Marrah’s escape who was supposed to become heir after the demise of his father.
Sources disclosed that Madam Kadiatu Fofanah faced severe intimidation for her refusal to disclose the whereabouts of Lansana at the time.
After going through mental, physical and physiological torture at the hands of ‘Poro’ men Madam Kadiatu Fofanah had no alternative; but to escape to an unknown location with her twin sons. Unverified reports stated that they might have perished in the thick forest of Kono district during the said escape.
Further revelations maintained that Lansana Marrah was accused by ‘Poro’ members of disclosing top secrets among his friends which is considered as an abomination another crime was his refusal to replace his deceased father who was the head of the society.
According to laid down principles, if the head of the ‘Poro’ society dies automatically his eldest son steps in his position and any rejection could lead to elimination of that individual.
That was exactly what Lansana Marrah did that led ‘Poro’ members to become very angry with him; and what aggravated the problem further was the disclosure of ‘secret-secret’ that he told his friends about the society.
Another issue was the interference by his mother which led to his escape; women are totally forbidden to poke their nose into a purely male dominated society.
Madam Kadiatu Fofanah and twin sons left Sierra Leone in December of 2019 when it became obvious that they couldn’t withstand the mounting pressure placed on them by ‘Poro’ members who directly accused her of facilitating Lansana Marrah’s escape.
Confirmed reports revealed to this medium that ‘Poro’ members have assigned their members across the country and even neighboring Liberia and Guinea to expand the lookout for Lansana Marrah whom they stated will pay dearly and also his mother.



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