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PC’s Son Life Still In Danger

Reports reaching this medium say relatives of Pa Abu and indigenes of Ma Yorgbor village who was allegedly murdered by Francis Bai Kamara in 2013 for his refusal to make human sacrifices in order to replace his late father as paramount chief (Kondor Kamara) of Ma Yorgbor village , Tonkolili are still searching for him to pay for the crime he committed.
According to traditional rules and demands of becoming a Paramount Chief one must be ready to sacrifice a virgin and a three months old child and any part of his own body to undergo such rituals before eventually ascending the throne.
Based on customs and tradition before ascension to such throne one must go through this process as it makes you fearful and powerful as people will always be afraid or listen to you any time you speak and moreover for self protection.
At a young age then, Chief Kondor Kamara narrated to his son Francis about secret society and explained everything to him that qualifies a son to replace his father as a chief when he eventually dies.

Sources say Francis was strongly admonished by his late father not to reveal any secret of what he saw or heard in the society bush to either his mother or anyone of his younger brothers; Unisa and Yusuf as that will make him go mad or eventually dies. The whereabouts of Unisa and Yusuf were later on discovered to be in mystery.
After Chief Kondor Kamara passed away in April 2013, some senior members of the said paramount chieftaincy secret society notified Francis that he is to replace his late father as Paramount Chief on the condition that he should sacrifice a virgin and a three months old child and his very own body parts.
These men revealed to Francis that his father went through such procedure before he was crowned Paramount Chief as that is the norm which any apparent heir should obey.
They stated that his father became powerful because he did same and commanded lots of respect among people who were not his subjects beyond other chiefdoms as they listened and obeyed him.
Francis became terrified due to these revelations and had to instantly reject such demands, vowed never to undergo such sacrifice as he will not trade the lives of innocent children.
Francis was captured by these secret society members and was confided in a secret isolation place without food and water for three days where no one knew about except the elders.

Francis source say attempted to ran away on the third day, but the second in command of the secret society, Pa Abu came to enquire whether Francis has reconsider his decision to comply and make the sacrifice.
Responding Francis still held on to his earlier stance that he will never yield to such request. Pa Abu was quoted to have threatened Francis Kamara that if he continues to be recalcitrant to do what the secret regulations demand of him, the same fate will befall him like his late father’s friend’s son who was mysteriously killed after he had gone mad for refusing to make similar sacrifice when his father died.
Due to Francis recalcitrant attitude, Pa Abu became furious when Pa Abu was about to leave the secret place Francis hit the old man very hard with a stick, when eventually Pa Abu fell down then Francis ran away to stay in Freetown to a friend for two days.
Whilst Francis was in the city he bumped into a friend from his village who told him that the society members were searching for him everywhere including neighboring villages for the death of Pa Abu whom he had killed and furthered told him that after that incident he (Francis) mother died in a mysterious circumstance.
Intelligent reports maintained that these secret society members have vowed no matter how long it takes they will continue to hunt Francis anywhere he is hiding in Sierra Leone following which he will face the wrath of his own punishment for the death of Pa Abu even if it costs his demise.



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