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Sorie Ibrahim Koroma on the run

Reports’ reaching this medium is that the Public Relations Officer of the Tombo Fishing Union, in the Western Rural district of Freetown, Sorie Ibrahim Koroma has ran away for his life from the country after receiving several death threats from inhabitants of Tombo community and also an arrest warrant from Law enforcement officers as they alleged that he was the ring leader in the Tombo riot.

According to sources, Sorie Ibrahim Koroma’s trouble emanated on 6th May 2020, when members of Tombo fishing Village which he serves as Public Relations Oficer went on the rampage and defy an order from the government for a restricted numbers of fishing boats on Tombo waters in order to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus disease. The government had put out a statement that only 15 boats of over 400 are permitted to go fishing on that day. There has been a three –day lock down in the entire country due to the covid-19, this according to the inhabitants took a toll on them as most of them rely on fishing as their main source of livelihood adding that government did not provide them any incentive or stipend during this time.

Tombo Shebro Tribal Head Michael Benga told local television AYV that youths were told to stop listening to social commentator Adebayor on loud speakers in the town to avoid attracting crowd because of the covid 19.According to our source who confirmed immediately after the incident had occurred, some youths and law enforcement officers raided Sorie Ibrahim Koroma ‘s place which was ransacked which led to the killing of his younger brother adding that due to his affiliation to the main opposition All Peoples Congress Party as one of the party youth in Tombo, the law enforcement believed that he orchestrated the riot and should be bought to book thus levying a huge sum for anyone with information leading to his where about.

It could be remember that the Tombo incident left over two dead and houses burnt including the FSU Unit of the Police Station, the Community centre and the Chief’s house. Police are still searching for the suspect Sorie Ibrahim Koroma over this incident.



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