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Santigie Kamara At Large

Reports from Lunsar has intimated this medium that Santigie Kamara, a youth in Lunsar was identified among several youths who orchestrated violence in that part of Sierra Leone.
Their action led to the burning down of the Paramount Chief’s residence on 30th April, 2020 at Queen Street Makeni Road Port Loko District; following the arrest of a youth leader commonly called Bulgur by police.

The youth leader Bulgur and Santigie Kamara were among others who accused Paramount Chief Bai Koblo Queen for not supporting development funds which they alleged has rendered Lunsar grossly impoverished due to his selfish, greed and corrupt attitude.
Santigie Kamara was accused by Police as one of the youths that sent out audio messages on several whatsapp groups calling for the removal of Paramount Chief Koblo Queen.
The youth leader Bulgur was arrested; however Santigie sources say was fortunate to have miraculously escaped to an unknown location, after an attack on the police station as stones were pelted at police officers who had to flee for safety.

An eyewitness accounts disclosed that Santigie played active role in setting up the police station ablaze, adding that he was also involved in mounting several road blocks thereby obstructing vehicular movement
Sources within the corridors of police confirmed that Santigie is a wanted person for violence, arson and riotous conduct as he stands out rightly accused as one of the alleged ring leaders who perpetuated disorderly behavior in the township of Lunsar.
Since that riotous conduct, Santigie has gone missing as he is nowhere to be found. The incident in Lunsar left Paramount Chief Koblo Queen devastated as Santigie Kamara and others went on the rampage that memorable day on 30th April, 2020 which brought the entire township to a standstill.

According to information monitored by this press, eye witnesses have willingly volunteered to testify against Santigie Kamara in court, one of the eye witnesses added that he would stop at nothing, but to see Santigie rot in jail for the rest of his life. He accused Santigie for committing arson, violent conduct and disorderly behaviour.
It is alleged that Santigie was among those that set ablaze the house of the Paramount Chief and disappeared after the whole incident and he is presumed to be at large.



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