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Police Issue Out Warrant of Arrest for 34 year Old Abu Bakarr Jalloh (ABJ)

Saidu Kanu

Abu Bakarr Jalloh, a 34 year old life is under threat as the Sierra Leone Police has declared him wanted following the riot incident in Makeni. This happened when the government of President Julius Maada Bio attempted to remove the generator in the Northern headquarters town of Makeni and relocate it in the township of Lungi Port Loko distric, where the airport is located. On that fateful day of Saturday the 18th July 2020 on a bloody rainy day, the youth in the township went on the rampage to protest against authorities who want to forcefully take the generator away from the town. This sad incident has left 5 people dead as at now and many injured and hospitalized.

As a result the police made arrests while some of the youths including Abu Bakarr Jalloh who was part of the demonstrators fled and his where about remain unknown until this day. Abu Bakarr Jalloh is the Public Relations Officer of the the Makeni Youths Organization, and has been accused as one of the people who led the rioters to wreck this havoc. A statement on the SLBC radio on the 19th July, 2020, by the Resident Minister North, Abu Abu Koroma who is notorious for issuing out threats against members of the opposition and young people went on the radio instructing the Sierra Leone police to arrest any member who was involved in that riot should be apprehended and brought to justice, while majority of the residents in the township were under lock and key because of the large police presence in the city.

Upon hearing the news of his arrest, Abu Bakarr has fled for his safety which prompted the police to declared him wanted and the arrest of some of his relatives to either disclosed his werea bout or risk been detailed as a consequences for the crime committed by their Son. As if that was not enough, the police on regular basis will make unannounced visit to the resideny of Abu Bakarr Jalloh and threaten his relatives to produce their son, and that ugly development has seen his mother closed her store to avoid the consequences of being detained by the Sierra Leone Police.

This medium gathered that those arrested in the said riots on to this day are still in detention no attempts made by the Judiciary to bring their matter before the court of law. Makeni is the strong hold of the main opposition the All Peoples Congress (APC) which lost the March 2018 general elections.



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