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SLPP Hoodlums Attack Independent Aspirant for Ward 120 Election

An Independent Candidate by the name of Mohamed Kalokoh who was vying for Ward 120  in the Local Council election of 2018, has reportedly suffered several violent attacks allegedly from hoodlums hired by members of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), and he (Mohamed Kalokoh) is currently in an undisclosed location for fear of his life.  

Mr. Mohamed Kalokoh, the Independent Candidate after casting his vote in the 2018 election

Mohamed Kalokoh was born and raised in Bombali District, Makeni in the Northern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone. According to report gathered by this medium, Mohamed Kalokoh has been a strong critics of both the APC party and the SLPP party. As a result of that members of the main opposition SLPP party were displeased with him and wanted to eliminate him at all cost. 

According to the community Chief of Ward 120 in Constituency 32, Pa Alimamy N’sar Conteh in Makeni, has confirmed that the SLPP thugs on several occasions did attack Mohamed Kalokoh with cutlasses, broken bottles and other insidious weapons. He claimed that they were doing it to pay Mohamed Kalokoh in form of violent attacks for all the critics he has been raining against the SLPP party whilst in opposition. He added that in the view of members of the public the SLPP thugs have threatened to kill Mohamed Kalokoh on many occasions.  

“It is really unfortunate that even members of the Sierra Leone Police are afraid to stop the SLPP hoodlums from attacking the Independent Candidate,” he said, adding that Mohamed Kalokoh has suffered many violent attacks from the thugs. He further informed this medium that due to the frequent attacks, Mohamed Kalokoh decided to step down from contesting in the local council election and asked his supporters to vote for the candidate of the APC party Sarah Conteh. This according to him, exasperated the thugs and they continue to wreck more violent attacks on Mohamed Kalokoh. 

 At the end, he said Sarah Conteh won the Local Council election of Ward 120. He added that the entire membership of the SLPP party that won the Presidential Election did not please with Mohamed Kalokoh. As a result of that, he said that Mohamed Kalokoh was never invited in all of the stakeholder’s meetings held in Ward 120, adding that these irate thugs were in the habit of sending threatening remarks on Mohamed Kalokoh. He disclosed that on one occasion, Mohamed Kalokoh brought in a complaint of threatening remarks and harassment to him but he said that he admonished him to report the matter to the Police. Pa Alimamy N’sar Conteh added that few days later, he came to understand that the police arrested the thugs but they were later released from instructions from the ruling SLPP government. He went on to say that on the 18th July 2020 violent clash occurred in Makeni between members of the security forces and youths due to the relocation of a Transformer to Lungi under the instruction of the Minister of Energy.  He said many young people lost their lives including staunch supporters of Mohamed Kalokoh, adding that the security forces open lived run bullet on the youths protesting against the relocation of their Transformer, which is a source of electricity to them.  

He added that after the incident Mohamed Kalokoh and others were declared wanted by both the SLPP thugs and the SLP for all inciting the protesters to speak against the relocation of the transformer. He went on to say that few of those that were accused of participating in the protest were killed.  

He said that since then, they haven’t heard from Mohamed Kalokoh. 

When the spokesman of the Sierra Leone police was contacted by this medium, he declined to speak to us. 



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