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Police Declares Osman Sajor Bah wanted

Zainab Turay

Police in Sierra Leone are on a man hunt for a young man in his 20’s identified by law enforcement officers as Osman Sajor Bah of Allen Town, East of Freetown. According to report, Osman Sajor Bah is wanted for an alleged murder case over the death of a staunch ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) supporter.

The incident which took place on the 7th December 2020 in the afternoon hours of three o’clock at Allen Town, fighting emanated when the said staunch supporter went to the land of Osman’s father who only to be told that the new government had taken their land and that he was the rightful owner and had got instructions from the Minister of Lands, Dr. Dennis Sandy in 2018 to demolish any property there.

Osman Sajor Bah’s father was a Campaign Manager for the Allen Town Community of the now opposition party, All People Congress (APC), whom had got the land from the government of former President Ernest Bai Koroma for his hard work and dedication to the development of the Allen Town Community and its environs.

According to a source that prefers anonymity said, the incident was just a political witch hunt, even though the land was a government owned the erstwhile government gave it to him, adding that just because the family was a supporter of main opposition party hence the reason they wanted the land from their hands which Mr. Bah has invested so much money and resources.

Eye witness account narrated to this medium said, Osman was the only one at the home at the time when the said party stalwart arrived at the land and as the eldest son he didn’t take slightly with official and argument ensued and eventually he (Osman Sajor Bah) slightly hit the man and fell down but eventually lost his life.

Reports gathered was that by the time they took the said person to the hospital, Osman Sajor Bah had left and ran for his life and that police on the same day arrested his father whom authorities have asked to produce his son dead or alive. Family members of the deceased and Supporters of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) have threaten to kill Osman Sajor Bah if seen.



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