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Dauda Kargbo Escapes Death At Hands Of Secret Society Members

Investigations mounted by this medium has revealed that a young man by the name of Dauda Kargbo, narrowly escaped death at the hands of Poro Secret Society members in Kassie Village, Port Loko District, Northern Sierra Leone, after being forcefully tied in the house.

According to our source, Dauda was abducted after attempts to get him to agree to be initiated into the ‘Poro Society’ to replace his late father, who was a senior member of the society, failed. It was disclosed that according to their tradition, at the death of the father who is a senior member of the society, his eldest son should automatically be initiated to take his place. This has been the norm and has seen many young people leaving the village for fear of initiation, which is full of risk.

In Dauda’s case, at the death of his father, Pa Zachariah Masim kargbo, on 11 may 2018, his elder brother, Mohamed kargbo, was taken to the society bush for initiation, to replace their late father as leader of the secret society. The said initiation rites was to last for six months, and it was reported that during the process, which included very inhumane traditional rites, Dauda’s brother, Mohamed Kargbo, died. Upon his death, the elders again demanded from the family that the next eldest son of the late father be given up for initiation, who happened to be Dauda.
Family members say that when Mohamed Kargbo died, they were not allowed to retrieve his body, as they claimed that he was with their ‘God’. They further explained that after this sad news, the elders demanded that the second eldest son of the family be initiated to replace their father and brother. It was also disclosed that Dauda was in Freetown, and in December 2020, he was called by his uncle in the village to report immediately at the village for an urgent family meeting. He is said to have left Freetown the next day and arrived in the village late in the evening hours. On his arrival, a meeting was urgently convened, during which Dauda was told that he should replace his late father and brother in the society as leader, and that plans are on the way for the ceremony to commence soon. Infuriated by this decision, and bearing in mind that his late brother died during such initiation ceremony, Dauda is said to have out-rightly refused the suggestion of his Uncle and the elders, on the grounds that the said secret society was demonic and against his religious belief, as well as barbaric, much to the disdain of some male family members and the elders, who wanted Dauda to take that position and save the family name in that area. He is said to have argued that he has given his life to God and will not be a member of such a secret society.

Sources close to the family explained that as it was late, Dauda was unable to return to Freetown, and had planned to return the next day by the first available transport, so he went to bed at the house in which he was lodged. It was also revealed that during that night, members of the secret society,

One member of the Poro Secret Society who was with him in the room at the time of the strange sound untied him and let him jumped ‘over’ the window and escaped
as the society was feared in the village, believed to have mystical powers and can kill anyone at a go, if they dared them. Awaiting the commencement of the rituals. according to our source, a strange loud noise was heard nearby, and during the process of trying to know the cause of the sound, and many fearing that it might be that of some wild beast, took to their heels, one of the elders untied Dauda and showed him the way of escaping from the onslaught.

A close friend of Dauda, who also wished to remain anonymous, also disclosed that he later saw Dauda running at the back of their house into another bush, apparently to make his way from the village, as a search has already been mounted for him by members of the secret society. His close friend disclosed that his house and those of their other friends were raided by society members in search of Dauda, and threats made against anyone harboring him.

Family members, when contacted against to corroborate the story of Dauda’s disappearance, said that since he was abducted that night, his whereabouts are unknown, and that the members of the secret society had stormed their house on several occasion, threatening to kill Dauda when found, including anyone hiding him.

When asked about moves to report the sia d threats to the police, family members say that Politicians and non politicians are members of the Poro Secret Society in the country. Most members are in the governance of the country. In every high place in the country, there is a member. They have huge membership in the police force, the military, government politicians etc, and nothing will come out from their report.
As we go to press, the whereabouts of Dauda is still unknown, and a man-hunt by the Secret Society members for him has intensified. This writer could not get the side of any of the society members, as discussing such matter was taboo.



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