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Chinmaya Foundation boosts Covid-19 fight in India

BHARAT(INDIA):As communities unite in the fight against the corona viruses pandemic, the Chinmaya Foundation one of the leading social welfare & cultural common people’s organization in Bharat(India) has continued to help the vulnerable & most affected people. From March22.2020 the foundation has engaged in activities aimed to reduce the spread of the virus inducing distributing relief food & materials.

Yesterday the foundation continued raising awareness at Junagad & Koksara area of Kalahandi District. about Covid-19 alongside distributing relief materials such as mask, soap, sanitizers, hand gloves including dry & cook food by it’s Kalahandi Branch Coordinator Mr. Kamal Chandi with other members of that branch such as Mr. Bhabanishankar DhangadMajhi, Durjyodhana Bag,Bhima Rout,Umashankar Rout,Sanjay Rout,Gagan Rout & others with the direction of Mr. Chinmaya Dash, the national chairperson of Chinmaya Foundation & Today the foundation do it’s holly work at GopalPur Village of Bhadrak District with the support of Anandamarga Yoga Prachar Samiti GopalPur Branch,Kurala Foundation of Khetrabasee Sahi Chunida & Foundations Dolphin Dance School & Group Project MangalPur.Spearheaded by the national chairperson Mr.Chinmaya Dash,Dirrector of Dance Group Mastar Mihir Kumar, Convener Mr.Kahnu Charan Sahu,Bhabanisankar Nayak,Kamalakanta Nayak Suryakanta Moharana,Ahalya Moharana ,Prabhati Moharana,Ashok Moharana,Somanath Moharana,Prabhati MoharanaBhabanisankar Nayak,Kamalakanta Nayak,Suryakanta Moharana ,Ahalya Moharana,Prabhati Moharana ,Ashok Moharana ,Somanath Moharana,Prabhati MoharanaSashmita Nayak ,Sumita Moharana,Kuni Moharana ,Alok Moharana ,Satyaranjan Nayak ,Kabita Moharana ,Diptimaye Moharana ,Kajul Moharana ,Kanha Moharana ,Mamali Moharana,Mamita jena, Puja Jena ,Gelhi Moharana,Jyouti Moharana ,Khirod Moharana ,Babita Sutar ,Shaktikanta Moharana ,Kamalini Moharana ,Biswajeet Moharana,Bubuna Das,Madhusmita Sahu,Priyanka Parida, Chaitanya prakash Sahu & Others.

This nonstop community program has benefited many people in Odisha State of Bharat(India) as the foundation beefs up it’s support for hundred above of Covid-19 hit lakh families.The nonstop community program has also benefited mental patients who have been receiving clothes, mosquito nets, blankets & bed sheets.The Chinmaya Foundation has sat itself as the best example of a charity organizations admits the raging pandemic.

As reported from: Office Of The Chinmaya Foundation. At:BabalPur,Po:NandiPur,Via: DasarathPur, District:JajPur,State:Odisha-755006,Bharat(INDIA)Mob(+91)9938810539/



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