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Guma Valley Failed of Residents Freetown

By Mohamed Kamara

A sad state of affairs has indicated that, the management of Guma Valley Water Company has bent on depriving the residents of the Western Area of Freetown from receiving adequate water supply. This medium has discovered that the management of the Guma Valley Water has given more preference to sachet water companies than supplying water to the general public for domestic use. Furthermore, the public taps are without running water whilst the masses look on.

We have also discovered that there is currently an ongoing syndicate between the management of Guma Valley Water Company for the sale of water at certain homes in Freetown, and in turn the masses are charged exorbitantly to fetch water. Others who could not join the queue, pay the sum of five thousand leones for water. The rush around town to fetch water for domestic use with hundreds of rubbers line up in all communities is a huge disgrace to the management of Guma Water Company. Also, it has been described as a human factor and not a lack of water at the catchment area.

Many people contacted by this reporter said that the lack of water in the western area of Freetown is a clear manifestation of the diabolic act of Guma Water Company to deprive residents of Freetown. An irate resident of Lemon Lane in the East End of the Capital of Freetown said, “Sierra Leone has enough water, the only problem is that we take corruption before patriotism”.



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