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Kingho Ends Twin Football Gala to mark Sierra Leone 60th yrs Independence Day Celebration

In order to join Sierra Leoneans around the world to mark the country’s sixtieth (60th) Independence Day celebration on 27th April 2021, the twin subsidiary companies of Kingho Investment Company which are Kingho Mining Company operating the New Tonkolili Iron Ore Mines and Kingho Railway and Port Company operating the rails and the Pepel shipping port, organized football galas in their various operational localities. The galas were held simultaneously with the supervision and funding of Kingho.

In Pepel Town, Kamasondo Chiefdom, Port Loko District, the gala, was a single match played between workers of Kingho Railway and Port Company against Kamasondo Chiefdom- the host community of the Pepel Shipping Port. The match went into penalties and ended by 4-3 in favour of Kingho Railway and Port Company. Meanwhile, prior to the match in Pepel Town, series of events took place including procession of school pupils and the singing of the Sierra Leone National Anthem. The opening statement was made by Mr Mohamed Turay, Community and Security Manager Kingho Railway and Port, who elaborated on the significance of the China-Sierra Leone friendship.

In the same occasion, the Chief Operations Officer of Kingho Investment Company Limited, Mr Wu Yuan Bin made a statement where he said he is truly moved by the support and help provided to the company by the community residents. He said “in order to repay the community, we are willing to make contributions to the development of the community as much as we can so as to help the people in the community who have been supporting us. ”In addition, Mr Wu confirmed that apart from social activities, Kingho Railway and Port Company “will start with the renovation project of the Pepel Medical Center, and continue to carry out a series of targeted agriculture, education, and employment, which can benefit the majority of community residents,” assuring that it is the belief that providing these essential developments for the community “will promote the harmonious, benign and win-win development between the community and the company.

”Responding to the points made by Mr Wu, the Speaker of Kamasondo Chiefdom, Osman Fofanah called on the people to support Kingho. He said that management of the company is working very hard towards helping the people therefore the people should exercise the greatest amount of safety measures during rails operation. Meanwhile, in the New Tonkolili Iron Ore Mines where Kingho Mining Company operates in Simiria, Dasogoia and Sambaia chiefdoms, the four teams that participated in their gala were the three (3) operational chiefdoms and a team from the company which constituted its mines workers. Three (3) games played, constituting two (2) semi-finals and a final.

In the semi-final fixtures, Simiria Chiefdom played Dasogoia Chiefdom in Mabontho Town, Simiria Chiefdom; whilst Kingho Mining Football Team played against Sambaia Chiefdom in Bendugu Town, Sambaia Chiefdom. The match between Simiria Chiefdom and Dasogoia Chiefdom ended in a draw but Dasogoia Chiefdom proceeded to the finals after the penalty shootout finished in their favour by 3-1. In the other semi-final, Kingho Mining Company defeated Sambaia Chiefdom by 2-0. The final took place between Kingho Mining and Dasogoia Chiefdom in Bumbuna Town, Dasagoia Chiefdom. The match ended 2-0 in favour of Dasogoia Chiefdom.

Both galas in Tonkolili and Kamasondo were held in a peaceful atmosphere. Trophies were handed to the winners and celebrations followed.

For more enquiries contact: Abdul Malik Bangura, Public Relations and Media Officer, Kingho Investment / +23276792805



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