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Kabeneh Sillah’s Life In Danger

The life of Kabeneh Sillah is in grave danger following rebel attack on Boajibu village in Kenema district in 2000 where his mother Fatmata Sillah and father Ibrahim Sillah a stakeholder of the male’s ‘Poro’ secret society were killed.

Our sources stated that following the brutal murder of Ibrahim Sillah, the ‘Poro’ members unanimously resolved that his son Kabeneh Sillah must replace his deceased father, an idea Kabeneh instantly and stoutly kicked against.

When it became apparent among the ‘Poro’ members that Kabeneh Sillah has vehemently rejected the idea of becoming a member they immediately turned their venom on him.

The elders of the ‘Poro’ society then decided to forcefully conscript and initiate him against his will, and in Sierra Leone government does not interfere into the affairs of secret societies as their members are spread across the country and play critical role in some decision making.

Information further gathered by this medium revealed that despite his resistance, Kabeneh was at the end captured and detained in the ‘Poro’ shrine for some days and it was during this period that he masterminded his escape from the shrine to an unknown location.

Following his disappearance, the elders of the ‘Poro’ society then declared him wanted as news about his escape was communicated right across the board to other ‘Poro’ members in Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, a stakeholder has threatened that anytime they set eyes on Kabeneh Sillah that will be the end of his life.



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