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At the SLAJ Golden Jubilee AGM…

Journalists and Media Stakeholders Commit To 30 Kilometer Speed Limits

Prominent Journalists, Media Stakeholder including ex-officio members of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalist – SLAJ have pledged a commitment for the 30 kilometer an hour speed limit for urban settlement and towns during the Association’s Golden Jubile Annual General Meeting held over the weekend at the Galiness Paradise in Bo City, South of Sierra Leone.

The 2 days event brought together journalists from both Print and electronic media   across the country.

It could be recalled that on the 17th May 2021, the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority – SLRSA launched its week long Global Road Safety Week on the Theme: “Speed Management”.

The 30 kilometer pledge is an initiative of the United Nation through the World Health Organisation with the objective to reduce road traffic crashes. The SLRSA has called on stakeholders and Road Users to adhere to 30 kilometer per hour speed limit for Urban settlements, towns and villages along highways.

The signing of the commitments was spearheaded and facilitated by Mr. Sheikh Mustapha Bawoh, former Vice President of SLAJ and the substantive Chairman Board of Directors SLRSA. The Authority was granted the opportunity to do a powerpoint presentation on The ‘Dangers of Speed’ and was done by Engineer Michael Jaiga director of Traffic Safety and engineering SLRSA

Among the key journalists that signed the pledge were; SLAJ Prexy Ahmed Sahid Nasrallah (De. Monk) Mrs. Asma James of Radio Demoracy, former IMC Commissioner Alhaji Dauda Musa Bangura, Dr. Isaac Massaquoi Director of INSLICS at Fourah Bay College, the Bar Association President Michaela Swallow, RSLAF Brigade  Commander South Brigadier Abu Bakarr Conteh Among others.



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