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It’s raining again!!! Meteorological Agency Foresees Flooding


The Meteorological Agency weeks ago, has announced that another flooding to capture local and international attention is on the way as torrential rains expected to be high –scale affected have been viewed in the camera.

Met experts say drainage facilities are very poor in the Western Jurisdiction and torrential water from hill tops could not be prevented by the tiny gutters blocked with plastics and other wastages deposited in various communities.

They say all slum dwellers that refused to be relocated should be prepared for the coming rains.

Slum dwellers argue that although their lives and properties are in danger, governments have failed to relocate them to places with already available social amenities tocomfort them such as schools for their children, to continue their schooling, water taps and electricity, markets, community centers, medical centers, playing ground which they said would have been already built before they are moved.

Another argues that their earnings limited them to dwell in danger zones and now they are betting their lives, little knowing what will come next.



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