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Over unexplained recruitment delay into SLP … Applicants Left in Limbo


Over a thousand applicants that have opted for recruitment into the Sierra Leone Police and who have gone through the recruitment procedures months back, have expressed worries and suspicion over unexplained delays that may not be connected with the old tricks commonly known to the Sierra Leone Police of recruiting on quota systems and those that are influential in society.

It could be recalled that the Bio’s administration has promised more Police recruitments before the year 2023. The first five hundred vacancies announced is seen as the commencement of the flagship programme intended to employ 500 qualified citizens and after which another five hundred is expected before the end of 2021.

Applicants on a constant checks to the SLP headquarters told this reporter have expressed fears over the unwarranted delay. They accused the Sierra Leone Police of manipulating the list of qualified candidates in favor of some people who are connected to the leadership of the Police. They further alleged that more than 50% have already been awarded the recruitment pending the outcome of the entry exams. Some of these people they said did not even meet the criteria but were lucky to be highly connected.

 Some held the belief that the Human Resource Department is faced with a lot of complications over choice as pressure piles from affluent citizens.

An aggrieved parent told this reporter that the only remedy to swage the decades old problem is for government to appoint an independent panel who will determine the qualification of candidates thereby taking into consideration their physical fitness and corresponding medical findings.

All efforts made to reach the Public relations department proves futile



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