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Africell & AYV Launch ‘AYV News Update’

The leading mobile telecommunications company operating in Sierra Leone, Africell Mobile Company and the African Young Voices Media Empire (AYV), have on Tuesday 6th July 2021, launched a new product that is dubbed ‘AYV News Update’.

The launching ceremony took place at the precinct of the African Young Voices media Empire, Wesley Street in Freetown.

In his statement, the Chief Cooperate Affairs Manager of Africell Mobile Company, Mr. Joe Abass Bangura underscores that the new ‘AYV News Update product’ will help Sierra Leoneans to get accurate news from the comfort of their homes through their mobile phones. He adds that fake news has hindered most developmental activities in the country, adding that the new AYV news update will help to combat fake news. Mr. Bangura went on to say that the partnership that existed between the two institutions have helped a lot in improving the entertainment industry of the country. 

“We will continue to explore new dimensions,” he promised, adding that they will continue to create more platforms for the Sierra Leonean populace to benefit. He further stated that the ‘AYV news update’ is in a new format that will help in the dissemination of accurate news and information to people at the comfort of their home. He continued to that the ‘AYV news update’ is simple to use, adding that Africell’s customers will simply send SMS to 298 to subscribe and enjoy the services. He said that to unsubscribe, the subscriber can simply send STOP to 298. Dr. Ezekiel Daramani Lakkoh, Managing Director of African Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire said that the new productis simple to use. He went on to say that the product can be accessed everywhere in the country, adding that the ‘AYV news update’ can even be accessed even in remote areas where the AYV Television and AYV Radio cannot reach. He added that African Young Voices is a trusted news outlet that has the highest viewership and listenership in the country. He went on to say that the new news update will create the platform for people to know of the latest news updates at the comfort of their homes. He added that this will help in the fight against fake news.



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