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Africell celebrates 4 July

4 July  –Africell marked United States Independence Day with a series of patriotic ceremonies in its key operating markets. The annual ceremonies are a proud fixture of the Africell calendar and reinforce Africell’s status as the only US-owned mobile network operator in Africa.

On 4 July, Africell leaders and employees gathered at head offices in Sierra Leone, The Gambia, and Democratic Republic of Congoto celebrate 4 July and honor Africell’s American identity. Africell’s growth over the past two decades – beginning with its launch in The Gambia in 2001 and continuing with its anticipated launch in Angola in 2021 – testifies to the long-term confidence of US investors in Africa. Africell’s success provides a case study for effective business operations by US companies on the continent.

Africell’s heritage as an American firm is a key point of difference in the African telecoms sector. In May 2021, Africell amended and restated a $100 million investment from the US Government’s Development Finance Corporation (DFC) in a partnership reflecting the US government’s strategic goal to deepen US investment in strategic sectors in Africa. Africell is the first and only mobile communication operator in Africa and is the first to receive financing from DFC. Africell’s successful bid for the fourth universal electronic communications license in Angola has been attributed in part to the culture of innovation, efficiency and competitiveness engendered by the company’s US connections.

Commenting on the annual 4 July celebrations, Africell Group chairman and CEO Ziad Dalloul said: “Africell is proud to fly the flag for US investment in Africa. Our partners on the continent appreciate what thissays about Africell in practice: good governance, transparent business activities, and a culture of consistent innovation. Africell also takes pride in representing the success and achievements of the communities we serve to an international audience. In our two decades of operations, Africell has contributed to greater understanding and collaboration between the US and Africa, and our tradition of celebrating 4 July every year exemplifies our dedication to this cause”.

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About Africell

Africell provides fast, low-cost and reliable mobile network coverage and related technology services to over 12 million subscribers in four African countries (Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda). We will launch operations in a fifth country (Angola) in 2021.

Africell is a disruptor. We challenge inefficiency, embraces fresh thinking and delivers innovative products and services which make a practical difference to everyday people. Africell employs over 1,000 people in seven countries. We have US ownership and are headquartered in London, UK. Africell’s positive social impact, entrepreneurial spirit and transparent business activities make us the ideal mobile network provider for Africa’s future. For more information, visitwww.africell.comor connect with us on LinkedIn.




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