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Chief Minister Salutes Dr. Turad Senesie’s Leadership

The Chief Minister of the Republic of Sierra Leone has commended the Minister of Lands Housing and Country Planning, Dr. Turad Senesie over what he described as admirable performance in the sector.

Mr. Jacob Jusu Saffa, who visited the ministry as part of his tour of government ministries, departments and agencies, encouraged the lands minister to continue his admirable professional leadership and performance.

According to him, the actions of Dr. Senesie were consistent with the vision of the new direction government as contained in the manifesto and medium term development plan.

“Within his first one hundred days in office, Dr. Turad Senesie has successfully championed and sailed through cabinet at least six cabinet papers to support his activities in developing and strengthening legislations and housing project developments, among others,” the Chief Minister disclosed.

He urged the minister to continue his efforts to recover and document state lands across the country, while at the same time settling disputes emanating from wrong actions in the past.

The chief minister explained his role in supporting government MDAs to ensure the vision of His Excellency the President is achieved.

He assured the Lands Minister of his continued support to ensure growth in the sector.

Earlier, the Lands Minister Dr. Turad Senesie systematically updated the Chief Minister on the progress made thus far since his assumption of office few months ago.

“The policy direction of the ministry has now been shifted from land allocation to country planning and provision of affordable housing,” he disclosed.

The complaints committee set up to investigate land disputes, according to the minister, is at an advanced stage in concluding its work.

The minister explained how the newly established standard operating procedures have contributed in restoring sanity to a sector that had been marred by corruption and controversie over the years.

Minister Turad assured the chief minister that the sector would be the envy of the nation by December of this year after he would have successfully activated all the strategies in line with the President’s vision.

He used the forum as an opportunity to salute the bravery of his staff at the ministry who continue to support his vision in a professional manner.

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