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Njala University Commences a Three-Day Restructuring Retreat in Bo

Njala University has on Thursday 15th July, 2021 commenced a three-day management and functional review workshop at the Gallines Hotel in Bo.

Members of the Academic and Administrative Staff of the University will use the next three days to discuss rationalization of departments, programs, courses, and related matters within schools and foster synergies/collaborations amongst the various schools of the University.

The retreat will also harness opportunities for teaching, research, and Extension facilities, make recommendations for requirements including personnel and infrastructure and the incorporation of the University Commercial Units into the approved Njala University Enterprise, and also identify other potential areas for future investments.

The discussions will culminate into the formulation of a draft restructuring proposal with very clear implications for its implementation.

The Ministry of Technical and Higher Education is keen on getting public Universities in the country to harmonize and consolidate their programs in line with the aspirations of the Government Human Capital Development Agenda.

Njala University has shown considerable progress over the years in hugely contributing to the critical sectors of the Government’s Human Capital Development Agenda by producing the requisite human resource in the Agriculture, Health, and Education sectors.

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