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Gov’t Announces 6,122 Positive cases and 113 Deaths

The week before President Bio’s latest speech to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, Sierra Leone recorded 523 cases.  After the president’s speech the country recorded 292, showing and effectiveness of the President’s Covid-19 regulations.

Bed occupancy has also dropped by 37% as treatment centers have 400 available beds.

The African continent is yet to surpass 1.5% vaccination rate of its population. In Sierra Leone, as of 15 July 2021, 134,000 doses of vaccines had been administered with 32,184 double jabs.

The Astrazeneca vaccine has depleted and government is working with partners to replenish it. It is expected that in August this year, with the support of World Bank, more vaccines will be available in the country.

The Sinopham vaccine which is certified by WHO is available, safe and efficient. Nacoverc is urging citizens to take the vaccine and avoid misinformation.

Hand washing, proper face mask wearing and social distancing remain vital preventive mechanisms in the fight against Covid-19.



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