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Nigerians in Sierra Leone Stage Peaceful Protest

BY: Mohamed Kamara

Over the arrest of the leader of the Biafara Movement in Nigera, Mr. Mazi  Namdi Kanu some Nigerians in Sierra Leone have embarked on a peaceful protest in registering their dissatisfaction on the issue by closing their shops and other business points throughout the country.

Memories of the 1970 Biafarian War in Nigeria continues to linger in the minds of many.

According to report, the said arrest took place in Kenyan International Airport by State Security Officers of Nigeria and was arraigned by the Federal Government and thereafter detained by the Department of State Service, DSS, on court order.

The arrest of the Biafara leader, Mazi Namdi Kanu has caused uneasy calm in the South-East of Nigeria, with the IPOB leader’s family protesting what it called the ‘abduction’ of their son from Kenya to Nigeria. They have described the issue as a violation of international law and basic principles of the rule of law.

Investigation conducted by this reporter revealed that the Biafran region commonly known as Ibo land which consisted of Imo, Enugu, Anambra and Onitsha States had wanted self-rule from the Nigeria Government in the 70’s which resulted into war, costing thousands of deaths and destruction of properties until a final truce was achieved.

Further investigations proved that the Pro-Nationalistic sentiments of the Ibos still continues and is now spearheaded by Mazi Namdi Kanu, which the Nigeria Authorities have considered unacceptable. Experts have warned that if the situation is not put under control it might result into another national instability. Some people believed that the movement was initiated by one of Nigerians most acclaimed Pan- Africanist in the person of Namdi Azikwe, an Ibo. Many believed that the Nationalist culture of the Ibo land if not address will create division in the federation.



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