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Over judicial delay. Sanda Mangabolotthor Chiefdom Protest

By Mohamed Kamara

Members of the Ruling House in Sanda Mangabolotthor Chiefdom in Karene District, have embarked on a peaceful protest over the delay of the judiciary in adjudicating the petition matter in court.

The petition was filed in October 2020 by one Dauda Sesay, aspirant of the Sesay Ruling House regarding the Paramount Chieftaincy Elections.

According to Mr. Alusine the election petition was taken to the High Court to seek redress on the treaty that was signed in the colonial erathat the Paramount Chieftaincy titled should be rotational among the various ethnic groups in the Chiefdom. Mr. Alusine added that dumbfounded to see that the Local Government Ministry and National Electoral Commission are negating their colonial policy of ensuring that the chieftaincy title is rotational. 

At Romende Chiefdom in the Kerena District, Mr. Sullay Kanu of the Fonti Ruling House is also concerned about the petition which was filed by one of the 11 Aspirants long ago.

Many other Chiefdoms; namely Koya and Dibia have to perform their Traditional Ceremonies not to talk of their Official declaration. There are wide range suspicions that these delay may not be connected with influence from some Politician in the Country. 



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