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Human Rights Commission Updates Journalists


The Executive Secretary of the Human Rights Commission situated at OAU drive, Mr. Joseph B.M. Kamara has on Wednesday 28th July 2021, at the Commission’s conference room told Journalists at a press conference that the Commission is pleased with the true political sportsmanship demonstrated by President Bio in his promise in 2020 to ensure that the death penalty is abolish. 

He recalled that the Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International and other Human Rights Organizations have been pleading to previous governments in Sierra Leone for the abolition of death penalty, which he said is a global demand given to individuals irrespective of been the victim or perpetrators. He delved on the functions of the commission among which is to advice government on related human issues.  

The Vice Chairperson of the commission, Mr. Victor I. Lansana on his part equally lavish praises on President Bio for his dynamism. He said the act does not limit itself to murderous cases alone but also include treason, robbery with aggravation and army mutiny. He said the abolition act is currently been revisited by the Antony general’s office for further amendments. He however appeal to the legal experts to consider section 63 of the 1991 constitution which gives power to the president to exercise clemency to condemned prisoners.  

The Commissioner for Legal Affairs, Madam Sanetty Lavally expressed her satisfaction over the abolition of death penalty, noting that many have been executed in the past. She said section 63 of the 1991 constitution was only a kind of due respect of religious nature accorded to president Bio but is not rigid. She informed that Sierra Leone is now the 23rd out of 54 Africa countries to remove the death penalty. 



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