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APRM Applauds President Bio

By Mohamed Kamara

The Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs has informed that the African Peer Review Mechanism has congratulated the government of President for their outstanding performance in the fight against Covid-19.

Mr. Amara Kallon, the Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs made this statement on Thursday 5th August 2021, at the usual Press Briefing organize by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

The Deputy Minister further stated that the Africa Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) has lauded the exemplary work of President Bio in combating COVID-19 in Sierra Leone.

The Minister added that APRM was formed amongst other Africa Nations to upkeep the norms, values, trajectory and ideas of Africa made initiatives of less dependent to other nations of the world in deciding the political, social and economic development of their respective member nations and to throw light on the motivation and innovation of the African youth to be independent, cultural committed and uphold the citizenship and the integrity of his country through the coordinating efforts with other African nations in made in Africa environmental setup.

He went on to say that in April 2021, the President of South Africa who doubles as the President of the African Union has approved the national plan of action of APRM, adding that the plan of action has received the blessings of the European Union, USA and other developed nations of the world and has appealed to other nations to draw up a country review reports on Socio-economic governance, infrastructural capacity, working condition and other outstanding development especially in the health sector.

The Minister further said that Sierra Leone will host the next APRM summit that is schedule to take place on Thursday 19th August 2021.



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