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Ambassador Dr. Baryoh Engages the Institute of Ocean Plastic Recycling

His Excellency Ambassador Baryoh has on Friday 30th July 2021, held fruitful discussions with the Institute of ocean Plastic Recycling at the Embassy´s Conference Room in Berlin. 

In his brief address, Ambassador Dr. Baryoh welcomed the officials from Institute of Ocean Plastic and Recycling and informed them that the lack of proper waste management has contributed to the dwindling of the marine resources and contamination of water. He went on to say that addressing the issue of waste has been major challenge in the sector. He continued to say that His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio is passionate about supporting development in all sectors including proper and healthy environmental management. Ambassador Baryoh said that anything that helps in addressing the environmental problem would be appreciated by the Government of Sierra Leone. He asked the officials of the Institute for Ocean Plastic Recycling why Sierra Leone­?

 In his response, the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Ocean Plastic Recycling informed the meeting that the Recycling process is scheduled to start in Sierra Leone soon, adding that if it works well, it might be extended to other countries within the region. He intimated that the company intends to transfer waste management course to Universities in Sierra Leone in a form of exchange program. Dilating further, he stated that the garbage will be burnt to produce energy and other useful products. He expressed his intention to visit the Sierra Leone and liaise with environmentalists.

Intended activities to be rolled out in Sierra Leone are:

 Ø Generate needed energy locally in a sustainable way and create prospects in Sierra Leone

Ø Promote knowledge and prosperity in Sierra Leone and the region

Ø  Provide theoretical and practical knowledge

Ø  Produce useful objects for the daily life and energy

Ø  Creates Jobs and Income opportunities

Ø  Enhances University Colleges in the areas of management

Ø  Develops of Educational complex for recycling process

Ø  Enhance power supply in the country

Ø  Promote Tourism in Sierra Leone

Ø  Preserving the environment for future generations

In his brief statement the Deputy Ambassador thanked the Institute for Ocean Plastic Recycling for their interest to invest in Sierra Leone. She assured them that the Embassy will do the needful to enhance the project.

The Ambassador encouraged the institute to submit a comprehensive project regarding their intention for the attention of authorities in Sierra Leone.

The meeting was attended by                         Amb. Dr. M´Baimba Lamin Baryoh

Mrs. Fatmata Edna Kargbo                               Deputy Ambassador 

Mr. Sulaiman Issa Turay                                    Counselor

Mr. Idrissa Hilton Gogra                                    Information Attaché

Mr. Peter Bales                                                   Chief Executive Officer

Herbert Hermung                                              Coordinator

Stefanie Seitc                                                      Business Development

 Idrissa Hilton Gogra

      Information Attache 

      Sierra Leone Embassy




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