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Cliques Abandon Tools


Investigations conducted by this Reporter from concerns raised by members of the public have indicated that cliques groups that are notorious of stabbing each other have abandoned the act of rampant stabbing and took to drugs abuse.

A community leader Pa Sheika Kamara of Fire Stone, Mountain Cut in Freetown revealed that Cliques have now engaged in petty thefts, smoking, intake of drugs related substance such as Kush, Pampas’ water and Tramadol, which have proven to be dangerous to their health, adding that Firestone, Ginger Hall, Fourah Bay Communities among others, have a large proportion of drugs abuse.

Police officers interviewed in various police stations in the Western Urban Area have told this medium that there is a drastic drop in the number of clique cases as compared to before.

Medical Personnel, Doctor Mohamed Kanu attacked to Connaught hospital interviewed have stated that these drugs unlike alcohol caused dizziness to the human body and it affects the respiratory, Lungs, abdomen, Urinary, and the Kidney systems, adding that most of them died in the Hospitals with other secondary effects and it is normally too late for cure as the substance does not good through thorough test before consumption. Members of the public have commended the police for the fight on lawlessness in the country.



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