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Africell Commits to Youth Empowerment

Africell Commits to Youth Empowerment

By John Koroma

John Konteh, the Public Relations Manager of Africell Mobile Company has disclosed in an exclusive interview with this medium that they are committed in supporting and empowering youths in the country.

Mr. Konteh made this disclosure on Thursday 12th August 2021, on the event marking the International Youth Day.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Transforming food systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health’.

On behalf of Africell Mobile Company, John Konteh said that the theme seeks to explore the role that youth can play to achieve more equitable and sustainable food systems.
The PR Manager of Africell continued to say that the company has contributed to the livelihood of young people in the country by employing them as part of their workforce. He added that young people form over 50% of the workforce of Africell, adding that they are doing so because young people are key in any nation’s development.
In entertainment, he added that their company has contributed immensely in promoting soccer and capacitating young people to excel in their career. Mr. Konteh went on to say that Africell has also given out support to musicians and artists by signing them as their Brand Ambassadors.
“This is part of Africell’s contributions in boosting the economy of the country,” he said, adding that when young people are well capacitated in what they do,it lessen the burden on the government.
Over the years, he stated that Africell entered into partnership with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and has contributed immensely in actualizing the development aspirations of the national youth policy. He further disclosed that Africell Mobile Company is committed in empowering more young people to grow and develop in their career. Mr. Konteh said that Africell has been one of the leading companies operating in the country adding that ,the company has invested a lot towards the growth of the media institutions thus they are doing it to ensure that young people are given the avenues to develop their lives.

He said that Africell as a company is committed to create more opportunities for young people to enjoy better and quality network facilities. Due to the massive expansion of their network, Mr. John Konteh added that this year alone, Africell will install their network facilities in over 200 communities. He said the expansion is geared towards connecting remote communities around the country. Through this expansion, he said that young people will be able to have cheap but quality network facilities, adding that this will also create the avenues for young people to be gainfully employed and boost the business environment in their locality in terms of the sales of top up and Afrimoney transactions.



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