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Alhaji Juldeh Sow supports underprivileged

Philanthropist and a popular business tycoon, Alhaji Juldeh Sow, President for the Tabittal Pulaaku Sierra Leone chapter, has restored the dignity of a widow, Madam Isatu Bah of 183 Masingbi Road, Korquima Town, Tankoro Chiefdom, Kono District, who has been taken advantage of by her tenant, and has also provided scholarships for her five kids up to University level.

Alhaji Juldeh Sow’s humanitarian gestures had seen him helping deprived and disadvantaged people within and out of Sierra Leone for decades now. His good gestures to students, widows, and unemployed youths have made lots of headlines in Sierra Leone.

According to our investigation, Mr. Sow, President of Tabittal Pulaaku, stood up for a Widow, Mrs. Isatu Bah, and her five children, after hearing about her plight on social media. Mrs. Bah was a victim of physical abuse by one Mr. Sahr Fabba Morsay, who took her house from her forcefully in Kono.

Touched by her predicament, Alhaji Sow provided transport fares for her to come to Freetown, so he could get first-hand information from her and see how he could help her.

After hearing her story, Alhaji Sow decided to offer scholarship to her five kids up to university level, as well as being responsible for their shelter, and daily needs.

During her engagement with Mr. Sow, Madam Bah revealed that Mr. Sahr Fabba Morsay rented her house in 2014 for two years, but after the two years, he refused to pay the rent, on the grounds that he had spent millions of Leones on renovating the house, which he said was equivalent to $46,000, and must be returned to him before he leaves the house.

 She furthered that she had engaged lots of dignitaries in Kono and Freetown, including the Fullah Progressive Union (FPU) and the Kono Chieftaincy about the said issue, but nobody showed up to help her; It was also revealed that Mr. Juldeh Sow saw it on social media that this Widow needed urgent help. He then sent transport fares for her to come to Freetown, and employed the services of a Lawyer to help her get back her house.

Mr. Sahr Fabba Morsay has been in this Widow’s house for more than five years now, and has deliberately refused to pay the rent or leave the house, whilst as a widow; Mrs. Bah wants her house back or her rent.

Alhaji Juldeh Sow is being praised for his intervention and his empathy for fellow humans, and many say that he is a suited leader of the Tabittal Pulaaku, and his action in providing help and solace to Mrs. Bah (the Widow), is commendable and a step in the right direction, an action that befits a leader.



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