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SLRSA Exhibits New Motor Driver’s License in Waterloo

As part of its nationwide exhibition of the proposed securitized Biometric Motor Drivers License, the Zonal Commanding Officer of the Western Rural District, Route Commander Victor M. Kobba has exhibited the new Driver’s License to the membership of the commercial motorbike riders union in waterloo, Western Rural District.

The exhibition was part of the Authority’s agenda to enlighten the public on the security features on the proposed license.

Intimating stakeholders at the exhibition, the Zonal Commanding Officer disclosed that, the Authority has a statutory mandate to design rules and regulations for the registration and licensing of vehicles whether for private or commercial use, inspection and supervision of vehicles and maintenance services and the routing and monitoring of passengers and goods transportation.

RC Kobba pointed out that, it was against this back drop the Authority had decided to introduce a securitized Biometric Driver’s License to forestall frequent instances of doctoring and forgery of the Authority’s products.

Explaining the security features of the proposed Driver’s License, the Management Information System Database Administrator Abdulai Barrie lamented that, after several research conducted by the Authority, the SLRSA was able to come up with a robust biometric Driver’s license that can stand the test of all times. He added that, the new Driver’s License was ISO certified and encouraged stakeholders to always use appropriate channels when they want to access services from the SLRSA.

on his part, the Director of Safety and Enforcement, Augustine Kaitongi call on the membership of the Bike riders to always work hand in glove with the Authority, stressing that violence does not win, the doors of the Authority is always open and the BRU are welcomed to dialogue and engage the Authority whenever the need arises.

Director Kaitongi affirmed that, the Authority is poised to digitalize it’s operations and the introduction of the news drivers licenses is a step in the right direction.

Stakeholders present at the engagement thanked the Executive Director for the innovation and appealed with the Authority to make the new license affordable and they also expressed gratitude to His Excellency the President for the New Direction dispensation in digitalizing the country.

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