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Falaba District Celebrates Chief Justice, Receives First Resident Magistrate Today

Judiciary of Sierra Leone Communications, Mongo Town, Bendugu Chiefdom, Falaba District, 25th August 2021: Indigenes of Falaba District, Northern Region of Sierra Leone, in a pump and pageantry celebration to officially open the Magistrate Court in the District today celebrated the successes in the administration of justice under the leadership of His Lordship Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards.

The ceremony which brought hundreds of indigenes across the 13 Chiefdoms was held at the Masabalia Court Barry Hall, Mongo Town.

Representing the Regent Chief, Mr. Sundu Sesay welcomed the team from the Judiciary, disclosing that President Dr. Julius Maada Bio made no mistake to appoint the current Chief Justice, His Lordship Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards to head the Judiciary.

He said under his leadership, they are celebrating not only the administration of justice but benefiting from his visionary leadership to have the first High Court sitting in the District.

“Join me to celebrate the achievements of the current Chief Justice,” said Mr. Sesay, revealing that, “today we are happy to receive the first Resident Magistrate in our District.”

The District Council Chairman, Ibrahim Sorie Sesay saluted the Hon. Chief Justice for decentralizing the justice system, adding that this move will lead to the dispensation of speedy justice.
According to him, this accomplishment will also save people from going through a rough and difficult terrain to go to Kabala to get Justice.

The Master and Registrar, Elaine Thomas-Archibald thanked and appreciated the Falaba District stakeholders for what he called a befitting welcome. She said since Falaba was made a Judicial District in 1963 this is the first time they are having a resident Magistrate.

“It takes only a fearless administration to fulfill such despite the poor road network,” the Master and Registrar said.
She said the purpose was to accelerate justice.

The Resident Magistrate, Santigie Bangura commended the people for their hospitality, stating that he is not here to suppress Justice but to work within the spirit of the law. He admonished the people to support him for a peaceful co-exsiatence.

Superintendent of Police who doubles as the Support Officer of Mongo Bendugu, Kadiatu Sama said it has always been difficult to get witnesses because of the distance. She assured the Magistrate of their fullest support.

For more information, contact the Judiciary Communications on +23234617548, +23276321184 +23279101086



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