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Alhassan Bampia Bangura On The Run For Being A Gay

By Lamboi Lahai.

It has emerged over the weekend that one Alhassan Bampia Bangura of No:2L Bismarck Johnson Street in Freetown Western Urban has been declared wanted by the police for allegedly practicing gay and bisexual activities in his area contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

The law among other things states that anyone arrested and charged to court and found guilty for acts related to gayism, will be sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour.

Sources at the Criminal Investigations Department says Alhassan Bampia was invited by his friend Rahman Swarray to his residence in the evening of to watch premier league game between Chelsea and Liverpool and discuss the present economic situation in the country.

On arrival at his residence, Alhassan Bampia immediately rushed to his friend’s bedroom. An eye witness said, few minutes later Swarray began romancing with Alhassan Bampia and in the process, a group of irate youths and some elders in the mosque violently forced their way into the bedroom and met them naked making love.

The eye witness indicated to this press that  Alhassan and his gay partner was forcefully dragged out of the room and seriously beaten with sticks and hard wood until Alhassan was narrowly escaped and left his gay partner in the hands of the ferocious desperate irate youths, until he became unconscious with blood oozing all over his head and nose.

Rahim Swarray , was taken to a nearby clinic at No:31 Syke street in Freetown where he was treated for major injuries and later confirmed dead in the hospital clinic before the desperate youths stormed there again.

While Alhassan  Bampia  Bangura responding to medical attention in an unknown location, Alhassan Bampia received an information that he has been reported to the Adelaide Street police Station for allegedly sodomizing another person contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone. Family sources say, since then Alhassan Bampia where about remains unknown for fear of his life, he has gone berserk and there is no clue about him.



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