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41,122 people vaccinated for 5 days in the 10-day surge

The ten days corona vaccination surge continues until the 1st of September and after five days of vaccination 41, 122 people were vaccinated across the country, reported by NaCOVERC.

In an Interview with the Communications Lead at NaCOVERC, Harold Thomas said that the figures are encouraging but they have to do more so that they can meet the 360,000 projection figure they set for the 10 days.

He said still there are people out there afraid of the vaccine because of so many negative messages of sickness and death.

“We will continue to sensitize the public that the vaccine is safe and there is no evidence of death or major sickness. The vaccines are safe and they have been authorized by WHO, and the vaccine is the best solution to the spread and eradication of the virus. We want more than 50% of the population to be vaccinated so that we will cut down the spread and hospitalization drastically. We have been able to control the Delta Variant and we are now having less and less cases weekly, so the vaccine intake will then prevent the spread or the fourth wave that is being anticipated.”

Mr Thomas called on the Mobilizers not to relent but to continue the sensitization in every corner and street providing evidence of safety and convince them that taking the vaccine will not take them to hospital or the morgue.

In the first day of the 10 day surge only 3,323 people took the vaccine, but keep increasing on a daily basis to 12,743 people taking the vaccine on Friday.

The Communications Lead said the religious leaders, Tribal Heads, Parliamentarians and Paramount Chiefs are all onboard helping their people to listen to the Ministry of Health and they should believe in Science because this is not the first time vaccines are being administered. Since 1920s vaccines have been instrumental in defeating small pox, yellow fever, measles, chicken pox etc. So people should not fear or listen to negative messages, but look at the brighter side and listen to those that have taken the vaccines, let them tell their stories. 

“Every religion has its variation of ‘Love thy neighbor as you love thyself,’ and it’s a strong message for promoting the vaccine. Putting others first makes it an easy decision to get the vaccine. Vaccination is a way of putting your faith into action. The Covid crisis has reminded us all of our interdependence, and of our responsibilities to care for one another. We can each only be well, when all of us are well.”

Today Tuesday, the Ministry of Health will launch the first part of the 10 day surge for people to understand and improve the vaccination rate.



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