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Vice Principal of Ahmadiyya Junior School Applauds MBSSE Minister

Sheikh Omar Ackmed Kamara

The Vice Principal of Ahmadiyya Junior Muslim Secondary School, Skeikh Omar Ackmed Kamara has revealed to this medium that this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination results has been very favorable for Ahmadiyya Junior Secondary School as they secured 694 passes out of 732 candidates that took the NPSE exams.

Sheikh Omar has commended Dr. David Sengeh, Minister of Basic and Secondary School Education for putting modalities in place that has expedited the announcement of results for both N.P.S.E and B.E.C.E exams. He said that, this has been a difficult problem in the past for Education experts to resolve. He said that the three months recess for the commencement of SSS 1 level has finally come to an end, adding that this has caused lots of problems for both pupils and teachers. He went on to say that most pupils awaiting their results may resort to drugs abuse and take to hooliganism. He continued by stating that such issue gas the propensity to affect the performance of children. He mentioned that teenage pregnancy and other vices will affect the children during the time of waiting for the announcement of results.

He commended Dr. Sengeh for taking up the challenge which his predecessors have failed to address. He went on to say that the act of the Minister of Education is a wakeup call to other Ministers to work in the interest of all Sierra Leoneans. He appealed to Mr. Alpha Timbo, Dr. Hinger Sandy, Minister of Trade and Industry who has taught in the school together with Chief Minister and Jacob Jusu Saffa and many others to support the school.



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