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By Newman Anthony Levey, Spokesperson NaCOVERC, Southern Region

(Bo, 9 September 2021)
The NaCOVERC Coronavirus Emergency Response Centre has visited Bo City to monitor the ongoing vaccination exercise.

The Official Spokesperson of NaCOVERC Solomon Jamiru Esq, said they held a meeting with Bo DiCOVERC to know the challenges and how the vaccination exercise is going on.

“We have seen Bo DiCOVERC taking proactive steps. They have initiated a lot of strategies to ensure more people take the Coronavirus vaccination.” He added, “even though we started the surge on 23 August and ended on 1 September 2021, Bo DiCOVERC decided to do another 10 days surge which focused on Bo City.”
He further said, “myself as Spokesperson, Harold Thomas, Lead Risk Communication Specialist and other team members have seen for ourselves.”

Mr. Jamiru disclosed that they are satisfied with the work of Bo DiCOVERC in the ongoing vaccination and described Bo team as the shining place worth emulating.

He informed a team of NACOVERC has come to support Bo and have just ended a two-day retreat to look at the surge and the way foward.

He thanked the staff of Bo DiCOVERC whom he said are working under very difficult circumstances but were still committed in going to work.

The delegation made a conducted tour of some vaccination centres at Gbongo Market on Old Railway line , Shenge Market and J. Quarters.

At the market places, Solomon Jamiru used a megaphone to do public education on the vaccination exercise.He explained the importance of vaccination and encouraged the people of Bo district to make use of the opportunity to show up at the different vaccination centres.

Mr. Jamiru disclosed that NaCOVERC has received another vaccine, Johnson & Johnson but insisted said that it is not in use now.
He however disclosed Government will inform the public when the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is rolled out and when to take the vaccination.

He concluded by appealing to football fans to take the vaccination and that only those who show proof of taking the Covid-19 vaccine will be allowed to access the football playing grounds.



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