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PRA Inspects Filling Stations, Calls For Standard In Measurement

In line with provisions of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency Act of 2014, the Executive Chairman of the Agency, Brima Baluwa Koroma, together with the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau, a representative from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Consortium on Petroleum and Industrial Relation, today embarked on an on-the-spot monitoring exercise across filling stations in the Western area.
Due to the growing concerns raised by consumers that some filling stations are not accurate in measurement, the Agency secured standard measuring cans which were used to ascertain the standards in measurement across Total SL Ltd, Malador stations, LEONCO and National Petroleum SL Ltd in Freetown.
Giving an overview of the operation, Chairman Baluwa said that the exercise is in line with provisions of the PRA Act and that it has been the cry of the public who feel cheated sometimes.
“When we issue an operational license to any marketer , there is automatic requirements and expectations for you to operate within the guidelines and conditions of the license .
From today’s observations, we found out that all the stations visited are not on standard calibration. This operation is not to disturb or witch-hunt anyone but to make the sector a better one so that consumers can have value for money. Yes, people may say why now, it is because the New Direction is a people’s centered administration with human face and this operation will cut across the nation“ he said.
Chairman Baluwa said that all filling stations found wanting will be sealed until the Standards Bureau and the PRA recalibrate them to standard before they are allowed to operate.
He promised to continue this on the spot check in Freetown and the provinces.

Moses Mambu, National Chairman, Consortium on Petroleum and Industrial Relations decried the revelations during the operation .
According to him, for on average for every ten liters a consumer buys, he or she loses Le460 Leones which when added will runs into millions per week.
He commended the inter-Agency collaboration between PRA and SLSB for displaying transparency and accountability in correcting the wrongs that have been impeding the growth of the industry .
He called on them to ensure that regular monitoring is done to prevent oil dealers from under dispensing to the public.
Abdul Aziz Kamara, Sierra Leone Standards Bureau, Regional Manager, North, said that under delivery by service providers is a crime that must not be condoned . He said that on normal terms, dealers call upon them when their calibrations shoot up because they incur loss but they never call them when the calibration is down because they make profit.
The operation was hailed by the public as timely.



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