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FC Kallon welcome Soldiers in Race to top League Table

The battle to finish the second phase of the Sierra Leone Premier 2020-2021 has fired new orbiters in the race to sit top of the 18-team table, aa clan spirits unite with boisterous determination.

The moments have never been dreary since the league started, even as the Elephants tower high above average, leading the Parade Boys by two points and leaving the rest at the foot of Mount Everest.

In this tight chase, teams are sparking up amoebic surprises, increasing spending and codifying player-motivation schemes to live above the red line.

And on Friday, the Cavaliers will release their rocket-boosters to propel their orbiter against fully armed Soldiers in a west end derby at the Siaka Stevens Stadium. Sitting sixth on the league table with fifteen points in nine games played, Cavaliers will be up for a ruthless battle in opposition to the arsenal-trained men who sit in the tenth place with twelve points in similar games played.

With that in the rim, the Tis-Tas Boys of Mighty Black will not want to demoralize the gainful spirits of new club Chairman Rodney Michael as they enter the pitch against the May Park Boys on Saturday at the Siaka Stevens Stadium. It will be a battle against 8th place holder and 14th place hugger. The distance is almost half the size, but the winner will be unpredictable since both energies have been revitalized.

On Saturday at the Parade Field, Central Parade will play host to relegation-oriented SLIFA, who sit 18 with six points in nine games played. The newcomers are newcomers with naïve orientation, learning the ropes by the skin of their teeth, clutching onto drowning straws.

At the Police Mini Stadium on Saturday, the Officers in blue will engage the Diamond Boys in a relegation fight.

The fixtures themselves are zeal-fitted, drawing fighters to the center where things happen.

Your game is back!

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