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The Sierra Leone High Commissioner in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, His Excellency Dr. Morie Komba Manyeh on Friday 17/09/2021 played host to four young ladies in his office: Irene Eribo-Ani: CEO Ebony Ambassadors; Vicky Olawoye: Strategic Manager Ebony Ambassadors; Marima Kamara: Miss Elegant & 2nd runner up of Miss Ebony Ambassador UK 2021 and Samira Mensah: the reigning queen with the triple title of Miss Ebony Ambassador, Miss Noble and Miss Creativity.

The four bold beautiful ladies were in the chancery as representatives of the MISS EBONY U.K Beauty and Creativity Pageant to pay a courtesy call on the High Commissioner and use the opportunity to inform him of their charitable mission to Sierra Leone, scheduled for April 2022, as a part of their professional commitment.

Introducing the group, the founder and CEO of ‘Miss EBONY AMBASSADORS UK’, Irene Eribo-Ani a multiple award winner in different areas of skills development, explained the reason for the visit: “to solicit support for our group and the good causes we represent”.
A qualified social worker with a master’s degree in human Rights and International Relations, Irene Eribo-Ani enthusiastically portrayed the work of the MISS EBONY AMBASSADORS: “We are passionate about what we do which includes confidence building and skills promotion”, she enthused. Adding, “We stand for the empowerment of young girls, and we are proud to be championing the causes in which young people believe.”
Emphasising that point, Vicky Olawoye, the group’s Strategic Manager described the MISS EBONY BEAUTY AND CREATIVITY PAGEANT as “a platform where we raise African girls in the diaspora to bring their dreams and aspirations to impact lives through the causes they champion”.

Marima Mary Kamara, the runner-up and the Miss Elegant of ‘Ebony Ambassador UK 2021’ was beaming bright as she feelingly spoke about her fervent desire to help put Africa on the global map of progress. “When I think Africa, I think of unexplored opportunities, I think of pools of creativity” she insisted.
Miss Kamara who is in her third year reading a law degree at the prestigious Queen Mary’s University is a Sierra Leonean whose love for Africa is palpable and unyielding: “Africa is the base”, she underlined.

The reigning Queen ‘MISS EBONY AMBASSADOR U.K. 2021’, Samira Mensah of Ghana said she couldn’t wait to set foot in the beautiful country of Sierra Leone and to finally savour the opportunity to prove “whether Sierra Leone Jollof is really the best in West Africa”?

The Head of Chancery, Mr. Winston Yankuba, reassured Miss Mensah that although Sierra Leone is far better known for a number of other very delicious dishes, yet “Salone Jollof remains the best in Africa”.

The conversation which inevitably veered into the strong historical links between English Speaking West African countries also expanded into education and the need to continue to strengthen that vital pathway in order to secure a better future for the continent.

Before the MISS EBONY representatives took their leave the High Commissioner HE Manyeh extended a free visa offer to all the members who would be travelling to Sierra Leone in April and he reassured them of the High Commission’s continuous support and goodwill as they work to motivate African youths and help them develop valuable skill sets.

Abdulai Braima



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