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Criminal Session Commences Toady

The Judiciary wishes to inform the general public that Pursuant to Sections 151 and 152 of the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA) No. 32 of 1965, the September High Court Criminal Session will commence on the 21st September 2021.

We further wish to remind all persons who have been selected as jurors for this session that they are duty bound to attend the session and on time and for institutions that are yet to send in their selection to kindly cooperate with the Bailiffs and give them their selected names.

Those who will be selected to serve as jurors are hereby reminded that jury service is a civic responsibility which makes it incumbent upon every citizen to honour. Therefore, non-compliance when summoned to serve as a juror will result in Contempt of Court which is punishable by law.

We wish to reiterate that due attention will be paid to the special needs and requirements of all persons summoned and empaneled and this includes Jurors’ allowance and transportation costs.

The Judiciary solicits the co-operation of all in the interest of justice and fair trial.



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