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Information Minister Applauds the People of Kaffu Bullom


The Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Mohamed Rahman Swaray has Applauded the recent reaction of the people of Kaffu Bullom for organizing a traditional die or live ceremony wherein all those who are in custody of EDSA materials were asked to deposit them or else risk their lives.

 Mr. Swaray encourages other communities to follow suit as a clear indication to their solidarity to end this national criminal organized crime.

The Minister said this at the emergency press conference which was organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications in solidarity to the clarion call by the Energy Minister to end the upheaval in the electricity sector of the country. He said Alhaji Kanja Sesay inherited the Ministry from a zero point to score an admirable 31% goal in terms of progress made in the electricity sector. He said he would have done more had it not been for the unscrupulous behaviors of certain people who have not fit to be among a decent society.

He said his ministry cannot sit by to see the rights and privileges of others been kidnapped instead he would do all he can to engage with all information institutions at his position, like the media which is equally affected by the frequent electricity blackout. He said the government of President Bio has been praised by the international community for ensuring that the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party held its constitutional amendment without any incident reported.



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