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Kanja Sesay Spits Fire on Rascals

The Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay has assured that the vandalization of transformers, destructions and theft of EDSA apparatus nationwide; especially in the Western Urban Area will soon come to an end.

Minister Kanja Sesay disclosed that the Energy Ministry and other state authorities are willing and ready to go after those that are wreaking havocs in the energy to destroy the smooth operation of the supply of electricity in the country. He describes the act of electricity theft as ‘evil and unpatriotic’, adding that the act of stealing electricity cables, illegal connections and tampering of meters is in the increase in the Western Area of Freetown. He further that such act has stifle the progress made in the energy sector by depriving communities of the needed facility.  He reveals that there are already 62 persons in Police custody who will soon appear in court and if found guilty will serve two years in prison or will pay a minimal fine of 50 million Leones.

Minister Kanja Sesay made this disclosure during an emergency press conference that was hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communications on Tuesday 21stSeptember 2021.

Mr. Kanja Sesay said that a joint task force will be operational in eight zones in the Western Area. This act according to him, is to demonstrate to the general public that the Ministry of Energy is serious about supplying uninterrupted electricity to the entire country. He noted that through this unscrupulous act of electricity theft and other vices the Ministry of Energy is losing billions of Leones. He went further to say that the operation seeks to arrest all those that are in the habit of destroying EDSA properties and other electricity facility to their selfish gains. He said that the operation will be carried out together with members of the Sierra Leone Police, the Military andthe Office of National Security.  He said that the operation has had the blessings of the Office of the President in a bid to ensure that the people of Sierra Leone enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply in the country.



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