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The end is near….Panda Noah to Lead EDSA Taskforce

By Mohamed Kamara

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Panda Noah has informed news men at the Emergency press conference organized by the ministry of Information and Communications on Tuesday September 21st 2021, that he has formed an exceptional, capable and determined taskforce which will operate in all eight zones in the Western Area to ensure that there is a drastic cleanup of those that are in the habit of wreaking havoc in the supply of electricity within the Jurisdiction of the Western Area.

Mr. Panda said Government every year spends billions of leones on electricity and water supply to its people. However, he said that it is sad to note that certain people have taken the lead to discourage the good intention of government. He said the Government of President Bio is committed to political sportsmanship and pluralism in governance and cannot sit by to see saboteurs rejoice as if we are living in a country where there is no law and order.

Panda acknowledges that the issue of electricity should not be used as a political weapon against the democratically elected government, hence his services are meant for human use and consumption irrespective of political, ethnic or religious belonging. He appeals to all not to hesitate to call in the nearest police station whenever they detect unusual movements in their communities.



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