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APC grassroots Assure Chericoco and Describe Him as Trailblazer for Development

By Ragan

Both the grassroots and stakeholders of the All People’s Congress (APC) party have thrown thier unflinching support to the Leader of the Opposition party (APC) in Parliament for the Western Region APC Chairmanship position.

They described Hon Chernoh Maju Bah as a pragmatic man and trailblazer for the development of Sierra Leone. Hon Maju Bah was elected Member of Parliament to represent constituency 126 in the Western Area Urban in 2007, 2012 respectively. Having represented his people with sound leardership and good work, he was again called upon in 2018 to represent them in Parliament.

His Constituents range from all political, regional and tribal divide. They have described Hon. Bah as a magnetic personality who comports himself with dignity that is exceedingly respectful. His loyalty and sincerity of purpose cannot be over stressed.
He is also regarded as someone who takes his work very seriously with no iota of doubt. Hon. Bah’s advocacy and contributions in the well of Parliament after the 2012 elections did not go unnoticed as he was then elected Deputy Speaker in the House of Parliament.
Hon Bah’s loyalty and belief in the principles, idiology and norms of the APC party is unmatched. Since his elections in 2012, he has not only contributed immensely to the development of his constituency and party but also to Sierra Leone as a whole.
His contributions during the two term as member of parliament were great and commendable by all reasonable Sierra Leonean. Because the constituents of constituency 126 realised his good work, they are with confirm believe that he is the only fitted candidate to represent them, and he was again called to contest as Member of Parliament in 2018.

The strongman is presently in Parliament as opposition Leader, advocating on issues that are of national interest.

Some of the legacies of Hon Chernoh Bah over the years is not limited the construction of schools, awards of scholarships to both pupils and university students, provision of electricity, pipe-borne water, good roads, health centres and clinics in his Constituency.

The opposition Leader was showered with praises and felicitations following his preferment as running mate to Dr. Samura M.W. Kamara in 2018 elections.
Sierra Leoneans also stated that they personally doff thier hats for his humility since it is the foundation for all virtues. They averred that indeed, Hon. Bah had stooped to rise.

In one of his interviews, Hon Bah stated to this medium that, “I will be down the roads heading for the Western Region APC Chairmanship position but my heart will be with the grassroots people and for the development of the APC and Sierra Leone as a whole and not for personal self.”
One lesson that he always teaches to remind everybody is that the party is always bigger than an individual. “we have to remember that it is better to work as a team, than to think selfish, he opined. I believe, if we had all worked together, it would have been different. Today the APC is out of power. So, it is better to work hard, succeed, and then you complain later. When they effects are negative, you can’t go back. So, it is always good that you think about the bigger picture.” He said.
It could be recalled that MPs on both sides of the political divide have always heaped enormous praises on Hon. Bah for his choice as running mate to Dr. Kamara in 2018. They described him as a servant-leader, caring, young, religious, dynamic and popular MP that fit for even the highest office.
They, however, assured him of thier unflinching support to ensure that he clinches any position of his choice.



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