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As Muslims go on the rampage and demand for his head… Pastor Jeremiah & Family Face Death Threats!!!

Muslims of the Calaba Town Community have reportedly placed the General Overseer of Fire Tabernacle Outreach Ministries, Pastor Jeremiah Mansaray and family under serious violent attacks for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and converting Muslims into Christianity.

Our source, a stakeholder of the Community told us that the Calaba Town community is predominately a Muslims community and they out rightly opposed and vehemently reject any religious practice that is outside the practice of Islam.  Mr. Alimamy Kamara further disclosed that over the years, Muslims of the Calaba Town Community have damaged and injured Christians for attempting to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their community.  Amidst this backdrop, Mr. Kamara went on to say that Pastor Jeremiah and Family with the support of some new convert in the community succeeded in establishing a church. He said that on the 6th March 2009, Pastor Jeremiah Mansaray and his family were violently attacked by unknown persons, thereby leaving them with serious injuries.

Mr. Kamara revealed further that Pastor Jeremiah Mansaray and family were attacked due to the crusades they have been organizing in the community, adding by emphasizing that the Cabala Town Community is dominated by Muslims and they firmly believe in having their dispute or disagreement settled through a Jihadist movement that seeks for war against non-Muslims. Mr. Kamara added that the crusades organized by Pastor Jeremiah were successful and lots of Muslims openly accepted Christ. He continued by stating that this get the Muslims stakeholders infuriated and they wage war targeting Pastor Jeremiah Mansaray and Family.

“Pastor Jeremiah main focus was centered on soul winning,” he disclosed, adding by stating that this does not go down well with stakeholders of the Muslim community as their family and community members were converting into Christianity and abandoned the Muslim religious practice with contempt.

“Some family members even disowned their children and threatened to kill them if found going to Pastor Jeremiah’s regular crusades,” disclosed Mr. Alimamy Kamara, adding by stating that the Muslims claimed that due to the crusades held in their community their mosque attendance have drastically reduced. Mr. Kamara said that the Muslims noted that their usual Arabic classes for children and youths to learn the Quran have also been affected.

Due to that, Mr. Kamara explained further that Pastor Jeremiah and his family were violently attacked in the early hours of 1:00 am in the morning after they concluded a successful outdoor revival together with some American missionaries in the community. Mr. Kamara disclosed that the irate youth and elders launched a bloodshed attacks on the Pastor Jeremiah and Family leaving over ten people seriously injured.

Speaking to this medium, a member of Pastor Jeremiah Church told us on a telephone conversation that Pastor Jeremiah’s was beaten up and his wife and daughters were sexually assaulted by the Muslims.  He added that they also threatened to kill them and buried them if they did not stop preaching in their community.

He added that the matter was reported to the Local Unit Commander at the Kissy Police Division Alfred Karo Kamara but nothing has been done to arrest the culprits.

This medium made all effort to reach the Local Unit Commander at the Kissy Division but to no avail. 

A Human Right Activist has raised serious concerns about the unfair attacks meted on Pastor Jeremiah and family. He further revealed that Imams from 10 different locations have stormed the primary school and church that are under construction by Pastor Jeremiah with support from missionaries from the United States of America. He described the attacks as baseless and further condemned security forces for failing to provide the much needed protection for Pastor Jeremiah and Family.

“The youth came with cutlasses and other incendiaries demanding the head of Pastor Jeremiah and his only five year old son and also armed men claiming to come from the government entered his church during his evening service and carted away the PA systems,” Mr. Mohamed Kamara of the Advocacy for the Right of Vulnerable disclosed.

Mr. Kamara further disclosed that Pastor Jeremiah was arrested but he managed to escape. He added that since then he could not see him. He added that all efforts made to reach Pastor Jeremiah have proven futile.

A Local government official that preferred anonymity has disclosed to this medium that the government will not act because Pastor Jeremiah has accused them of being corrupt.

During a telephone interview with Pastor Jeremiah, he denied all claims made by government officials that he was accusing government officials of being corrupt. He added that he was only preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ by condemning all injustices and getting more Muslims converts. Although he did not tell us his whereabouts, Pastor Jeremiah expressed fear for his life and that of his immediate family.

All efforts made to get reactions from the Sierra Leone Police on the attack of Pastor Jeremiah have proven futile.



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